The rapid reporting platform to fast track your business.

Whether its agile or traditional delivery, Eoiin reporting works across all industries; as a transferable base suite that can be customised to suit your business needs.

Eoiin reporting provides solutions to better understand company performance, finances, program, projects and resources securely on mobile devices with a dashboard and HTML display.

Eoiin on your site utilises existing customer data and integrates into the environment to present the reporting program.

Eoiin in the cloud is a cloud based Web Enabled database and application, which enables users to build their own program end to end based on the organisational structure.

Accurate information, on hand, all the time.

With Eoiin reporting, project owners can accurately present information from their mobile devices. For their part, executives, stakeholders and users can annotate or record comments on the organisations, program and project information, which can be emailed to team members.

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