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7-YM is an Australian-owned, Melbourne-based team of expert software developers, engineers, UX/UI designers and project and Agile managers. We specialise in delivering high quality software solutions to businesses nationally and internationally.


No outsourcing. No compromise.

With the entire team working from our Melbourne office, everything your project needs is under one roof.  From design and development to delivery and support, our locally sourced team of in-house experts can provide the end-to-end services that transform your business.

Development and Services

Software. Web Dev. Mobile Apps. VR. Let's Build.

7-YM products

Need a catchall solution to maximise efficiency, fast? At 7-YM, we offer a range of ready-to-go products that streamline processes and drive performance.

Eoiin Connect

Our flagship product, Eoiin Connect, allows for secure, real-time reporting and lets you share any data with any member of your team on any device, instantly. Digitise your business and drastically reduce costs with Eoiin Connect.

Meet the team


Julie Snagg

Chief Executive Officer

Julie has 25 years experience delivering complex technology projects nationally and internationally from marketing, software, infrastructure, engineering, finance, entertainment and IT&T. Julie has a masters of engineering and project delivery and reminds the team that the key to real mastery is to drive with a positive attitude and never give up. Julie has a love of dogs… and has constantly considered hiring a pal as the office mascot,  so far no luck,  it’s work in progress. 


Russell Williams

Executive Advisor

Whilst offering a wealth of strategic advice and organisational initiatives to help lasting partnerships with customers and stakeholders, Russell does so much more. His spiritual guidance builds grace and good humour throughout the entire 7-YM family of companies.


Julian Skruzny

Project Manager

With over 5 years experience in the IT industry, delivered projects include software, applications, websites, virtual reality and video games. Julian enjoys the thrills of life looking for more high adrenaline activity opportunities than advised. 


Ron Skruzny

Chief Technology Officer

Ron has over 40 years experience in IT and telecommunications in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. He loves a challenge whether it is work, Sudoku, chess or on the squash court. Faith and family are important to him although both represent works in progress. He has an evolving interest in artificial intelligence.


Troy Tran

Team Lead

With over 5 years of experience of building mobile / web applications for business. Troy is a gadget lover who loves all new technologies.


Jenny Pavlou

HR Manager


Jaleel Yunus

UX/UI Designer

With over 4 years of experience in UI/UX, Product and Graphic Design, Jaleel is known as the sponge at work he absorbs everything thrown at him, that’s what makes his designs pixel perfect.


James Turner

Software Developer

With 3 years experience in web, mobile and desktop application development, James likes to unwind from a long week of programming at work by programming at home instead.


Ben Taylor

Software Developer

Ben is an enthusiastic full stack developer and gamer. He has dozens of unfinished side projects and video games to clock.


Rupinder Kaur

Finance Manager


David Tipton

Marketing Manager

With over 20-years senior marketing experience in video gaming, entertainment and software, David is an AFL football tragic who hopes his favourite team will win a Grand Final during his lifetime. He’s still waiting.


Anthony Scoleri

Executive Director, Projects

Anthony has been successfully delivering national and international high technology projects for over 22 years in the Telecommunications and Engineering sectors. His expertise in managing complex, cutting-edge technologies and building the right team for the job is central to 7-YM’s expertise.



Software Developer

“Holding a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Alex‘s home computer is filled with countless personal projects and hoards of games. Hopefully one day, he’ll finally make one of his own.”



People & Culture



Software Developer

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