Consulting and professional services

Need a hand to get something over the line? Our top tier staff of software developers, project managers and directors, designers, testers, solution architects and agile coaches will provide you with the help you need.


Solutions for any industry

We have experience in multiple industries including automotive, security, petrochemical, telecommunications, infrastructure, marketing, education, robotics and virtual/augmented reality.


Need a health check?

Sometimes you need an outside opinion. That’s why our project and program health reviews are just that. Engage our consultants to provide their expert auditing service, including a comprehensive review and pressure test. Our results and in-depth analysis will provide a straight path to success.


Five star recruitment

Our staff are handpicked and undergo a five step or ‘star’ recruitment and training process to ensure that they can maximally meet your business needs. Our team members are encouraged to think laterally and utilise their breadth of experience to implement creative, novel solutions.

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