World class security

We have a proven track record of building world-standard security solutions. Threats to cyber security are ever evolving, that’s why having a robust, impenetrable system is of the utmost importance to your business. Let’s get your frameworks secure.


Security to the highest standards

We offer a full suite of automated and manual testing to insure your IT framework and systems meet and surpass the very latest Australian and international cyber security standards including Australian Government Security Policies and Guidelines, PCI DSS and OWASP.


Penetration testing

Identifying vulnerabilities, shoring up defences and securing your networks, frameworks and applications with our squad of IT security experts. We perform “Ethical Hacks”, so hacks and phishing don’t happen for real. We’re fully compliant with the Penetration Testing and Execution Standard (PTES).


IT security training and consulting

Need help shoring up that front line? We can provide data, comprehensive assessment and reporting strategies to help you stay ahead of any potential threats. We’ll be happy to guide your team through a cyber security upgrade.


Vulnerability management

Let us assist you with network, database, security and vulnerability tests and audits to help ensure your technology is up-to-date, compliant and secure, and meets Australian and international standards. Our tools can give your network full visibility, so you can canvas and neutralise threats well ahead of time.


Identity and access management

Identity and access management are paramount to the security of any system. At 7-YM we work with a range of authentication solutions including but not limited to LDAP, SAML, Shibboleth, multi-factor and cloud-based authentication.

We can handle SSO solutions, sign-in integration with platforms like Facebook, Google and more, as well as certificate management.

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