Timesheets made easy

Kukoo is a powerful start-to-finish timesheet system. Use as an all encompassing standalone product for one to 100,000 users, or integrate with third party software and systems.


Secure cloud timesheets

Track timesheets, submissions, expenses and specific projects on the fly. All your teams. All in the cloud. All secure. Go high level or granular with comprehensive reporting. Hour-to-hour, day-to-day, month-to-month.


Third party integration

Kukoo’s powerful API enables full integration with your favourite apps and tools. Import or export data, plug into e-commerce systems, and connect to your go-to platforms.


Automate invoicing

Automate invoice generation with Kukoo Timesheets. Scheduled notifications makes billing and paying your bills that much easier. With top-down and close-up views, Kukoo Timesheets puts you back in control.

Simplify your timesheets

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