The complete development lifecycle

At 7-YM, we develop specialised software solutions with the power to revolutionise your business. Database development, technology integration, resource and finance management – you name it. Our team of expert developers, designers and engineers are fully equipped to help you take your business into the high tech, digital world.


We speak your language

From C++ to SQL, our coding experience is vast and diverse. Our team is at the forefront of the latest tech innovations, from traditional to cloud-focused engineering. No language or platform is off the table.

Languages covered include C#, C++, CSS, html, javascript, Laravel, pearl, php, python, ruby, SQL, typescript and SQL.



Frameworks for your business

We can work with any framework. Angular, Bootstrap, Laravel, .Net, angular (not js), react, Play and more.

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Traditional, custom, or off-the-shelf

Whether it’s a custom unique-to-you software or something straight out of the box, we have the solution to maximise efficiency and increase productivity. Our off-the-shelf plug and play software programs have already transformed businesses locally and abroad.

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Secure and accountable

Our squad of IT security experts are masterfully adept at identifying vulnerabilities, shoring up defences and securing networks, frameworks and applications. Our penetration tests or ‘ethical hacks’ help ensure that phishing and hacks don’t happen for real.

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What software can we build for you?

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