“Trees bend when they are young. Be agile in the startup phase”

 Rob Loader, Director of Capital Planning & Delivery at Telstra

7-YM hosted the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) for a panel discussion on Dynamic Delivery in Startups.

The evening was chaired by Rob Loader, Director of Capital Planning & Delivery at Telstra, and Vice Chairman of the AIPM Victorian chapter. Rob was joined on the panel by Semmens & Co Director Daniela Semmens, Creativa Executive Producer David Heinrich, and 7-YM CEO Julie Snagg and Project Manager Julian Skruzny.

“Agile is culture”

Daniela Semmens, Semmens & Co Director 

Using examples from their experiences working within agile organisations, the panel covered agile project management, dynamic methodology, and dynamic mindsets in the workplace. Watch the full panel discussion below.